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We're not going to guess at what your job will take, we plan it out, review it with you, and then get it done. We can work with homeowners, builders, GCs…

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Our jobs are done right, so they only have to be done once - whether it is ledge rock removal or drainage repairs, we have a proven track record

Excavation services in Bethel is the only place to call!

Septic System Repairs, Septic System Installation, Sewer Hookups, Pool Construction, Ledge Rock Removal, Foundations, Drainage Problems, Paving, and more

Septic System Installation

Septic System Installation

We work with builders all over the state and can install any size septic system.



Whether for new construction or additions to an existing structure, we're experts in every aspect of foundation work

Drainage Problems

Drainage Problems

Whether you need additional drainage, or you need a stream or river bank or lake front reinforced, we're the guys for your job

Ledge Rock Removal

We understand the rock and a hard place thing - let us take care of whatever issues the glaciers left for your plans

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